In addition to the printed books which it continues to produce, the Bibliographical Society now offers the possibility of publishing texts, images and databases on its web site.

There are several possible types of  electronic publications:

  • Additions and corrections to books previously published by the Society
  • Work in progress, intended to stimulate feedback and collaboration, which can regularly be updated
  • Links to web sites for which the Society has provided grants for development and implementation
  • Open access to electronic versions of the Society’s past publications

The first two categories, additions and corrections, and work in progress, are typically submitted as word-processor files. After acceptance by the Society’s Publications Committee, these files are then converted to PDF format for posting on the web site. Regular updates are welcomed.

Database websites for which the Society has provided funding will typically be housed and maintained by an external organisation.

In 2018 the Society introduced its new open access policy, under which publications in which the Society holds the sole rights will be made freely available two years following print publication.  Electronic files of past publications will be made available at  The first item to be archived here is the Bowyer Ledgers, published by the Society with the Bibliographical Society of America in 1991. This is now available online, with new corrections and additions by the editors, under a Creative Commons licence, at

This policy is intended to further the Society’s charitable object of supporting bibliography, through encouraging the creation, enhancement and use of digital datasets. The Society has supported a number of important digital resources for bibliographical study, and welcomes applications for Fellowships and grants that include innovative digital elements.

Proposals for electronic publications should be made to the Society’s Honorary Editor of Electronic Publications.

See the list of current e-publications