In addition to its quarterly journal The Library, the Bibliographical Society has been a publisher of works on book-related topics since 1892; a list of all publications from 1892 to 2000 is given on the page of Past Publications.

At the present time it publishes approximately one work each year either in book form or online. Members of the Society receive a free copy of each book on publication and can order one extra copy at a special members’ price. Non-members can obtain copies at the full publication price: details are given on the pages of  Current Publications.

From 1985 to 1992 the Society published a series of nine Occasional Papers in A4 format. This series is no longer maintained.

Since 2006, the Society has also offered electronic publications through its web site. Some of these take the form of ‘additions and corrections’ to its own earlier publications. Others are offered as ‘work in progress’ to stimulate collaboration towards an eventual publication in a more permanent form. In 2012 the Society published its first electronic database, the British Armorial Binding Stamps database, which was funded by the Society and implemented by the University Library, Toronto. It plans to offer further free-access databases of this sort as funds allow.

Proposals for publication should be addressed to the Honorary Editor of Monographs or to the Honorary Secretary.