Graham Pollard Memorial Lecture – Geoffrey Day

Society of Antiquaries Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

The preservation and recycling of ‘waste’ printed sheets in the eighteenth-century book trade. ‘Waste’ printed sheets were preserved for various reasons: commercial, idealistic, and occasionally felonious. Records of such preservation illuminate many areas of the eighteenth-century book trade, from the identification of responsibility for anonymous publications to demonstrating customer expectations. [...]

Summer visit, Leeds, 2024

University of Leeds , United Kingdom

The Bibliographical Society's Summer Visit for 2024 will be to Special Collections & Galleries at the University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane, Woodhouse, Leeds LS2 9JT, on Thursday, 20 June 2024, beginning at 14.00. Numbers for this visit are limited and those wishing to attend should notify the Hon. Secretary by [...]