The Bibliographical Society is now able to offer recordings of its lectures (with permission of the lecturer).

The following lectures for the 2021/2022 season are now available:

  • October 2021: AGM | Nil Palabiyik: The Mad, the Bad and the Silenced: Three Tales about Ottoman Learning and Renaissance Book Culture. link
  • January 2022: Edwin Rose: Books, botany and empire in eighteenth-century Cambridge 1760 –1825. link
  • February 2022: Justin Hanisch: Louis Renard’s extraordinary fishes, crayfishes, and crabs: an exploration of one of the 18th century’s most unusual colour plate books. link
  • March 2022: James Raven: Monsters, Myths and Methods: Towards a Global Biography of Erik Pontoppidan’s Det første Forsøg paa Norges naturlige Historie (1752-3), The Natural History of Norway (1755). link
  • April 2022: Graham Pollard Memorial Lecture. link
  • May 2022: Arthur Marks: Homee and Phiroze Randeria Lecture. link

The following lectures for the 2020/2021 season are now available:

  • October 2020: Presidential Address: Margaret Lane Ford, Bookselling and Bibliography. link
  • November 2020: Adrian Edwards: Insights into the King’s Library of George III. link
  • December 2020: David Shaw: Paper for Octavos: Innovation in Early Sixteenth-Century Book Production. link
  • January 2021: Alison Walker: The Sloane Printed Books Project. link
  • February 2021: David Pearson, Clodagh Murphy, David Shaw and Sarah Cusk, Book Owners Online. link
  • February 2021: Stephen Clarke, Horace Walpole and W.S. Lewis: A Collector Revealed. link
  • February 2021: Winter Visit: The National Library of Mexico, National Library of Anthropology and History, and Francisco de Burgoa Library. link
  • February 2021: Rachel Jacobs, Waddesdon Manor: A Rothschild Collection. link
  • May 2021: Homee and Phiroze Randeria Lecture: Mirjam Foot, New Movements in French twentieth-century binding design: the importance of patronage. link
  • July 2021: Virtual Summer Visit: The State Library of Victoria. link
  • July 2021: Virtual Summer Visit: Monash University Library Special Collections. link