Major Grants awarded 2013/14

The Council of the Society agreed on 18 February 2014 to make the following awards:


One Katharine F. Pantzer Jr Research Fellowship:

£4000 to Dr Joseph J. Gwara: ‘The sixteenth-century De Worde’.


One Katharine F. Pantzer Jr Research Scholarship:

£1500 to Professor Michelle Levy: ‘Women’s print history project, 1750-1830’.


Major Grants

  • £1700 to Miss Lisandra Costina: ‘Vernacular narratives of the life of the Virgin and of Christ and the characteristics of popular devotion in early-renaissance Italy’.
  • £1200 to Ms Hannah Field: ‘“Books, not deemed by the curators necessary to be deposited in the library”: Legal deposit, popular print, and rejected books at Oxford and Cambridge, 1814–18’. (Falconer Madan Award)
  • £1700 to Mr Zachary Morgan Guiliano: ‘The composition, dissemination, and use of the Homiliary of Paul the Deacon in Carolingian Europe from the late eighth to mid-ninth century’.
  • £500 to Dr Daniel Hobbins: ‘Authorial colophons in late medieval manuscripts’.
  • £932 to Dr Mark Jenner: ‘The city printers: Corporation of London printing c.1500-c.1720’. (Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association Award)
  • £1700 to Mr Francesco Morriello: ‘The impact of the French Revolutionary period (1789-1804) on communication networks in the British and French Atlantic world’. (Barry Bloomfield Award)
  • £1900 to Professor Michael F. Suarez: ‘The reach of bibliography: Examining six textual artefacts, 1666–1830’. (Fredson Bowers Award, funded by this Society and the Bibliographical Society of America)
  • £720 to Dr Kelsey Jackson Williams: ‘The ‘Kirkwall Bibliotheck’, an early modern public library formerly housed in Kirkwall, Orkney, and now preserved in Aberdeen University Library’.