Major Grants for 1996-97

The Society is pleased to announce that, as a result of the fourth competition for the research grants set up with funds received towards its centenary appeal, the following grants have been made:

  • $1,500 from the Bibliographical Society of America as the Fredson Bowers Award, to Dr Robert A. Pierce, for his study of the production of Italian-language protestant books outside Italy in the 16th century, with an additional sum of £1,000 to be paid by the Society;
  • £500 from the Oxford Bibliographical Society as the Falconer Madan Prize, to Prof. R. J. Schoeck for a study of P. S. Allen, the editor of Erasmus;
  • £1,800 to Dr W. McDougall for a study of the letterbooks and ledgers of the Edinburgh bookseller, Charles Elliot: the award associated with the name of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association;
  • £660 to Ms V. Burke for work on the MSS of Anne, Lady Halkett;
  • £590 to Dr M. T. Davis for a study of the radical book trades and the London Corresponding Society, 1792-99;
  • £1,270 to Dr L. M. Hulse for a study of the 6th Duke of Portland as a book collector and patron;
  • £1,000 to Ms C. Hutton for work on the history of the book in Ireland, 1892-1922;
  • £500 to Dr D. W. Mosser for work on the provenance of MSS of the Canterbury Tales;
  • £500 to Mr J. R. Pooley for work on the archives of the Nichols family and business, 1745-1873.