Major Grants for 1997/98

The Society is pleased to announce that, as a result of the fifth competition for the research grants set up with funds received towards its centenary appeal, the following grants have been made:

  • $1,500 from the Bibliographical Society of America as the Fredson Bowers Award, to Dr Grace Ioppolo, for her study of holographic and scribal manuscripts on English Renaissance drama 1550-1623;
  • £500 from the Oxford Bibliographical Society as the Falconer Madan Prize, to Ms Jill Shefrin for work on the bibliographical and historical analysis of juvenile table games published in England between 1750 and 1900;
  • £700 to Mr Terry Wyke and Dr Michael Powell for research into James Weatherley and the Manchester book trade: the award associated with the name of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association;
  • £500 to Dr Bill Bell for a study of Scottish firms during the book trade ‘crash’ of the 1820s;
  • £1,250 to Dr Mario Caricchio for work on Giles Calvert and his authors;
  • £500 to Miss Rachel Constance-Hughes for a study of the distribution of Biblical texts by the British and Foreign Bible Society along the Welsh borders 1830-1899;
  • £750 to Prof Peter Lindenbaum for work on the publishing career of Brabazon Aylmer;
  • £450 to Mr Richard Ovenden for research into Lord William Howard of Naworth’s activities as a collector (1563-1640);
  • £1,100 to Dr Nigel L. Ramsay for a study of the bibliographical activities of Seymour de Ricci (1881-1942);
  • £950 to Dr Graham C. Rees for work on printed copy-texts of works by Francis Bacon;
  • £1,000 to Dr Shef Rogers for research into the legal and extra-legal enforcement of copyright violation 1714-1751;
  • £500 to Prof Richard C. Simmons for work on cheap print 1660-1790;
  • £1,400 to Ms Susie West for a study of the development of rooms as libraries in Norfolk country houses.