Major Grants for 1998-99

The Society is pleased to announce that, as a result of the sixth competition for the research grants set up with funds received towards its centenary appeal, the following grants have been made:

  • $1,500 from the Bibliographical Society of America, as the Fredson Bowers award, to Mr Konstantin Dierks for his study of the pedagogical literature of letter-writing in Anglo-America (1750-1800), with an additional sum of £375 to be paid by the Society;
  • £500 from the Oxford Bibliographical Society, as the Falconer Madan Prize, to Mr. Jerome De Groot for a study of manuscript culture at the civil war court in Oxford;
  • £650 to Mr Richard J. Goulden for a study of the Kent book trade 1750-1900: the award associated with the name of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association;
  • £450 to Dr Antonia Forster for work on the correspondence of Ralph Griffiths, editor of the Monthly Review;
  • £2,000 to Mr Donald Kerr for a study of Governor Sir George Grey as book collector;
  • £2,000 to Ms Lenka Kolarova for work on the manuscripts and scriptoria of Lyons in the ninth century;
  • £950 to Mr Giles Mandelbrote for work on European book trade and library catalogues before 1800;
  • £500 to Prof. Paula McDowell for work on the London printer and author Elinor James;
  • £350 to Miss Eugenia Roldan-Vera for a study of Rudolph Ackermann’s Spanish publications for Latin America (1822-1830);
  • £900 to Mrs Pamela M. Selwyn for work on the library of William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley (1520-1598);
  • £1,200 to Drs Ann Veenhoff and Drs Marja Smolenaars for their study of the Anglo-Dutch book trade in the late seventeenth century.