Meetings will be held at the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE, beginning at 5.30 p.m.

Tea will be served at 5.00 p.m. Members are welcome to bring guests, both to meetings and to the tea beforehand.

The Annual General Meeting will take place at the Royal College of Physicians, 11 St. Andrews Place, London NW1 4LE on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 at 6.00 p.m. The AGM will not be preceded by tea, but refreshments will be served after the meeting.


Please note that the January meeting will take place at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle St., London W1S  4BS, at 5.30 p.m., preceded by tea at 5.00 p.m..


18 October 2016

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING at the Royal College of Physicians at 6.00 p.m. The Society’s Gold Medal will be presented to Prof. G. Thomas Tanselle.  At the close of business, Julie Beckwith, Library Manager, and Katie Birkwood, Rare Books Librarian, will introduce the collections.


15 November 2016

GODFRIED CROENEN:  Parisian workshops and their exemplars: the case of the Chronicles of Jean Froissart.

This paper will consider a number of Parisian manuscript copies of Froissart’s Chronicles in order to gain insight into the working methods of scribes, rubricators and illuminators that were active in the production of luxury vernacular manuscripts in the early 15th century”.


15 December 2016

ROBIN MYERS: Dr Ducarel and his Books:  Was Andrew Coltée Ducarel a bibliomaniac?

Reconstructing Andrew Coltée’s Ducarel’s library from the evidence of sale catalogues and correspondence with relatives who bought books for him in France in the 1750s and 1760s.


17 January 2017

JAMES FREEMAN:  Aaron to Uter, Abraham to Zorobabel: Indexing History in Higden’s Polychronicon.

This paper will consider the readership and use of Ranulph Higden’s universal chronicle based on close analysis of the design and development of the alphabetical indexes that accompanied it.

This meeting will take place at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle St., London W1S  4BS at 5.30, preceded by tea at 5.00.


21 February 2017

JENNY STRATFORD:  The Sobieski Hours and its History.

This paper will explore the provenance and later history of the richly illuminated fifteenth-century Sobieski Hours in the Royal Library, Windsor Castle.


21 March 2017

JOSEPH GWARA:  The Lost Books of Robert Copland.

Why did Robert Copland, Wynkyn de Worde’s most famous apprentice, print so few books? On the basis of typographical and other evidence, Dr. Gwara attributes to Copland more than a dozen editions of the 1540s which not only explain Copland’s mysteriously small output, but also cast new light on his print-shop practices.


18 April 2017

Graham Pollard Memorial Lecture

GRAHAM JEFCOATE:  Charles Heydinger: A London Bookseller at the Leipzig Book Fair, 1770-1773.

Heydinger was the only London bookseller to establish a significant presence at a German book fair during the 18th century. This paper outlines his Leipzig visits not only in the context of his career but also of the Anglo-German book trade in the 18th century.


16 May 2017

Homee and Phiroze Randeria Lecture

ANNA GIALDINI:  “Alla Greca”? Greek-style Bindings and Their Meanings in Early Modern Europe.
This paper will consider different aspects of the production and consumption of Greek-style bookbindings in early modern Europe, focusing on Venice, Florence, and France.



Summer visit: details will be announced in The Library for March 2017.