Hendrik D.L. Vervliet, French Renaissance Printing Types: a Conspectus.Hendrik D.L. Vervliet, French Renaissance Printing Types: a Conspectus (2010).

Further information about the printed book published by the Society in 2010

Additions and corrections

Original version: December 2010.
Latest update: July 2011.

p. 30: Type-casting and punchcutting
Amend line 19 to read:
‘… the printing trade in the 1541 Fontainebleau decree (J.-F. Gilmont, in: The Library, 6th ser., 2 (1980), 132-33), which …’
p. 193: No. 119. Garamont’s Great Primer RomanB
Replace fig. 119c with the alphabet shown in verv-rom-112-2006z* [PDF, 193 kb].
[Note: the caption in the original replacement file was wrongly numbered 117 instead of 119. This has been corrected.]
Replacement for Fig. 119c Garamont’s second Great Primer Roman [R&NBSP:112] (1549) as cast from matrices in the Plantin-Moretus Museum (MA 20a). Courtesy of the Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp.
p. 417: No. 400: Du Boys’s Two-line Great Primer Hebrew
Correct “First seen” to read:
1546, Venice, M.A. Giustiniani (Dawid ben ’Abudarham, ’Abudraham : … ’ah.el le-fareš tefilot kol ha-šanah; STCi, 3)
Replace fig. 400 with verv-hb-6-1546b* [PDF, 22 kb].
Replacement for Fig. 400 Du Boys’s Two-line Great Primer Hebrew [Hb 6] or Trismégiste (1546) as it appears on the title-page of Dawid ben ’Abudarham, ’Abudraham : … ’ah.el le-fareš tefilot kol ha-šanah, Venice, M.A. Giustiniani, 1546. Courtesy University Library Amsterdam.
With thanks to Stephen Lubell (Oxford) and Adri Offenberg (Amsterdam).